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About Us

Company History

Legacy of Innovation, Roadmap for Future

With its humble beginnings in 1964 as Kranti Sheet Glass, Lentusglass has been committed to innovation and excellence in glass solutions for every architectural need. With over 50 years of experience, we’re leading the way with exceptional expertise and future-proof innovation. Our USP of providing better, quicker, cost-effective, and high-quality solutions has made us the trusted partner for all major glass customers globally.

Our Core Values

From the beginning, we set out to be a different kind of company. One that not only cherishes growth but also other things. You can expect a lot more than just glass from Lentusglass.

Familial Relationship

Our relationships with our customers, suppliers, sub-contractors and employees have withstood test of times. These have been nurtured over generations.

Lentusglass believes in forming relationships based on trust, support and understanding with all its stakeholders.


Our customers have never experienced any project or production delays due to Lentusglass. We always live up to our promises even under difficult circumstances. Lentusglass delivers best quality products and unsurpassed service, holding commitments to all the customers sacrosanct.

Inclusive Growth

Our journey started in 1992 as a glass importer with 50 employees. We transformed ourselves into a glass processor in 2004. Today, we are the largest glass processor in India. Lentusglass innovates to grow everyday while ensuring that our people develop and grow with us.


Lentusglass harnesses wind energy to power its facilities. A rooftop solar plant project is also underway to increase the share renewable energy in our consumption mix. Lentusglass focuses on keeping minimal carbon footprint and preserving earth’s natural resources.


Lentusglass has implemented rigorous safety measures in its processes and shopfloor design. Worker training and safety audits are frequently and diligently conducted in all three production facilities. Lentusglass keeps people safe from harm, and provides them a healthy work environment.


Lentusglass has production facilities in Mumbai, Chennai and Hyderabad. Our focus on keeping localised labour makes us a blend of cultures, ethnicities & languages. Lentusglass encourages and celebrates linguistic and cultural diversity as it enriches our company.

We Produce the Finest Kitchen Furniture

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Perfect Windows for Your Home & Wallet

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