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Tempered Glass



Toughened glass stands out for its exceptional design versatility, strength through heat treatment, enhanced safety, clarity, and resistance to thermal stress, making it a premier choice in various applications.

Toughened Glass is ideal for interiors, offering a colored opaque appearance, combining both aesthetics and durability seamlessly.

Attributes of Toughened/Tempered Glass:

Indeed, tempered glass ensures longevity and durability. It ranks among the finest glasses, guaranteeing ease of use while elevating functionality and uniqueness in various applications.

Glasses Available: Explore Reflectasole Glass, including ET, ST, KT, and SKN Series, for high-performance glass solutions, available here for your diverse needs.
Long- Lasting : Toughened glass is exceptionally durable and low-maintenance, offering a fresh and attractive look that enhances the appeal of any space.
Home Platform : Tempered glass is perfect for kitchens and bathrooms, adding suitability and allure to every element in these spaces.


Are Toughened/Tempered glass safe?

Yes, Toughened glasses are considered very safe. Even after breaking the glass, they can remain in their best position

Can Toughened/Tempered glass resist heat?

Yes, Toughened glass is the best glass that can resist heat up to 240 degrees. The glass especially supports the sudden temperature.

Is there any effect that lies on the clarity?

No, tempered glass can not affect the clarity of the glass.

How strong is Toughened/Tempered glass?

The Toughened glass is much stronger than the other glass. Generally, it is four to five times stronger than normal glass.

At what place does this Toughened/Tempered glass mostly used?

Due to high resistance and best performance, this Toughened glass gives its best use in architectural places. These glasses are the main ones used where it reduces the breakage possibility.