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Tempered Lacquered Glass



If you’re seeking glass for interior design, tempered lacquered glass is an excellent choice. Its innovative design possibilities and vivid color options can transform spaces, adding a unique and attractive visual element to your interiors.

Attributes of Tempered Lacquered Glass : Tempered lacquered glass is renowned for its exceptional durability, making it an ideal choice for stunning interior designs. Crafted with premium materials, it features a smooth surface achieved through special paint and can be oven-curved, adding elegance to any space
Smoother than ever! : The manufacturing process ensures a smooth finish for the glass, enhancing its overall quality and appearance, making it an excellent choice for various applications.
Maintenance : Tempered lacquered glasses are easy to install and maintain, offering convenience without additional costs, making them a practical choice for interior design.
Beauty & Designs : An array of vibrant colors in the glass lends a beautiful aesthetic to any space, enhancing its visual appeal and ambiance.


Are the tempered lacquered glass safe?

Yes, up to the minimum resistance, these glasses are safe. Unless the great damage, these glasses can perform the best.

Is the color of the glass last long?

Yes, the glass color is the premium quality and can last for the best period.

What is the resistance heat capacity of glass?

The tempered lacquered glass can retain up to the maximum of 80 degrees of Celcius.

Are the paints eco-friendly?

Yes, all the materials and paints used in the glass in eco-friendly.