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Ceramic Printed Glass



Ceramic printed glass is an exceptional choice for interior design and decoration. It features intricate enamels, enhancing its aesthetic appeal. With its remarkable attributes, including versatility and design possibilities, ceramic printed glass stands out as a top-tier glass option for various applications.

Attributes of Ceramic Printed Glass : Ceramic printed glass boasts several valuable attributes. Its permanent print ensures long-lasting quality, offering versatile design choices including squares, dots, patterns, and checks. Ideal for all weather conditions, these glasses can be applied using various methods such as spray painting, screen printing, and roller coating, making them a versatile and dependable choice.


What is the use of Ink in Ceramic Glass?

The unique ceramic ink will help in making the prints on the glass. And this is the best ink that will help in the design of glass for a long period.

Are Ceramic Glasses strong?

Yes, the glasses are very strong. These glasses can work in all weather conditions.

What are the methods of applying enamels to the glass?

These are such glasses on which the enamels are applied before the tempering. The methods are below:
1. Digital printing.
2. Roller coating.
3. Screen Printing
4. Spray Printing

Will the printing on the glass will stay permanent?

Yes, the printing on the glass will stay life-long. Get the best glasses with many prints on them.